HotDocs Announces New Partnership with Matrix Logic Corporation

HotDocs, the global leader in document automation technology, today announced a new partnership with Matrix Logic Corporation, a premier integrator of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies.

This new partnership will provide Matrix Logic’s clients with additional solutions for integrating HotDocs into their workflow, resulting in greater productivity through enhanced compliance, minimized risk, improved quality, and increased operational efficiency in the production of legal documentation.

Commenting on this new partnership, Steve Spratt, Chief Operating Officer at HotDocs, stated: “Matrix Logic has a deep knowledge of the ECM market and is uniquely positioned to provide superior support and expertise to legal professionals throughout the industry. With the addition of HotDocs to their portfolio, Matrix Logic is now able to offer comprehensive solutions to clients looking to increase productivity and eliminate risks associated with document production.”

Mark Vilinskas, VP Strategic Accounts and Partner Programs at Matrix Logic, stated: “As an ECM domain expert and as a provider of specialized contract and content management solutions, Matrix Logic has a long history of designing and implementing comprehensive document automation systems. We provide solutions for each piece of the document lifecycle and recognize that document content creation is a key element of that lifecycle.Based on our experience working with HotDocs and feedback from clients, we are pleased to partner with HotDocs to extend our capabilities and services.From document creation to work in process and finally to document retention and disposal, Matrix Logic can provide integrated solutions for each of these steps.We see HotDocs as an integral addition to the set of services and products we provide to our clients.”