HotDocs Announces Partnership with ATS Tecnologia

Leading document automation software company, HotDocs, has today announced a new partnership with ATS Tecnologia in Brazil.

Partnering with HotDocs will allow ATS Tecnologia to complement its existing suite of products and services with industry-leading document automation technology.

Gilberto de Denghy, Enterprise Information Management Consultant for ATS Tecnologia, said: “Companies invest lots of time and sales resource closing business deals via contracts and what we find is that the same investment is not implemented in managing the lifecycle of contracts. Automating the production of documents doesn’t just save time and money, it also reduces risk, increases accuracy and enhances compliance. ATS aims to solve information sharing, compliance, audit and document archiving issues through ECM technologies. As HotDocs easily integrates with other line of business systems, we have joined forces with the leading document assembly solution to close the gap in our information governance consultancy services.”

ATS works with a range of clients throughout Brazil to implement procedures, processes and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) technologies. The company’s work enables customers to manage and preserve information, enhance knowledge management and automate, monitor and improve workflow.

Lois McLuckie, Senior Marketing Manager at HotDocs, commented: “We are delighted to welcome ATS Tecnologia as a HotDocs partner. The company’s current expertise in ECM and BPM provides the perfect platform for the addition of our powerful document automation technology, allowing ATS to include document creation and control as an integral component of workflow and document management.”