HotDocs Cloud Services Hailed as “Game-Changer”

SmallLaw, a US-based online publication, has published a product review that refers to HotDocs Cloud Services as a potentially game changing technology. SmallLaw, one of several free publications in the TechnoLawyer network, covers legal technology, law office management and law firm marketing from the perspective of small law firms.

As the leading provider, globally, of automated document generation software, HotDocs has led the field in the development of a cloud-based product range that can be integrated with any other application. HotDocs Cloud Services launched in September 2013, after more than a year of beta-testing, and ActionStep were one of the first legal cloud providers to take advantage of the document generation engine’s integration capabilities.

The SmallLaw article, written by Chandra Lewnau of Main Street Law Group in Seattle, is an extremely positive review of ActionStep’s practice management and workflow software, which integrates with HotDocs Cloud Services to provide practice management, workflow and document generation capability within one application. Listed under the heading “exciting new features”, Lewnau lists ActionStep’s integration with HotDocs Cloud Services as one of two new features that could become game changers.

She writes: “ActionStep now integrates with HotDocs Cloud to eliminate duplicate data entry. ActionStep will enable you to map HotDocs fields and seamlessly pull data as HotDocs goes through its standard interview process.”

Coupling the HotDocs Cloud Services integration with the recent launch of the ActionStep app store, Lewnau continues: “The combination of the app store and HotDocs integration could be huge, especially if HotDocs Developers and publishers modify their templates to work with ActionStep. This would help new practices get off the ground and existing law firms expand into new practice areas or train new employees.”

Ted Jordan, CEO of ActionStep, commented: “It’s great to see that the advantages of the ActionStep/HotDocs integration come through clearly in the review. We’re excited to be able to offer this powerful, yet seamless, capability to our mutual clients.”

Gary Eunson, Commercial Director at HotDocs, concluded: “When we designed Cloud Services, a principal aim was to create a platform that would allow third parties to integrate our document generation technology with their own software. ActionStep was an early adopter and we are delighted that the integration of HotDocs into their practice management and workflow software has been as smooth as we anticipated.”