HotDocs Helps Boutique German Law Firm To Innovate

HotDocs – the global market leader in document generation software – has worked with German law firm Jebens Mensching to deliver innovative software solutions within their commercial property environment, resulting in HotDocs software becoming a cornerstone of the firm’s IT strategy.

Jebens Mensching – based in Hamburg – has successfully utilized a number of HotDocs products to enable their commercial property clients to generate specifically tailored commercial lease agreements. The firm used HotDocs Developer to transform commercial lease agreements into intelligent interview templates and then implemented the deployment of HotDocs Server within their own premises.

With a wide range of clients that own or manage large and small scale commercial properties, Jebens Mensching realised the potential that HotDocs offered to enable their customers to “self-serve” – saving time and money for both parties. HotDocs Workspace is one of the flexible tools that HotDocs provides to allow users to access HotDocs-enabled content and, by using a customized version of the Workspace front end, the law firm gave users within their client sites access to their commercial leasing content to facilitate a quicker and easier route to generating tailored commercial lease agreements.

Dr Phillipp Jebens, Partner at Jebens Mensching, commented: “Using HotDocs technology in this way really opened up a new and efficient way for us to carry out this element of our business. Commercial lease agreements always have a number of variables contained within and our previous method of drafting and checking these documents took far longer for us to carry out, as well as having much longer lead times for our clients. Once we had undertaken the initial work required to turn our agreements into HotDocs templates, the whole process time reduced from days to minutes, with clients able to print out accurate, legally sound lease agreements at the touch of a button, after a short online interview process.”

He continued: “The team at HotDocs were extremely helpful during the implementation process and the finished system has created quite a stir within the German property market. When we demonstrate this system to new clients they are very impressed. And we are, too. In fact, we have expanded the use of HotDocs internally to include all types of standard documentation in our property transactions, such as sale and purchase agreements, partnership agreements and finance documents.”

The HotDocs team provided added value as part of the implementation process by creating a facility that enables Jebens Mensching clients to save and reference information on property owners and their respective properties. In addition, the system also offers executive summaries for each and every lease agreement in either English or German.

Gary Eunson, Commercial Director at HotDocs, concluded: “It was a pleasure to work with a law firm as innovative as Jebens Mensching, who are using HotDocs software to dramatically decrease the amount of time taken to produce accurate legal documents, as well as allowing clients to efficiently serve themselves without compromising on quality or value for money. This is another excellent example of HotDocs software leading the field for innovations within law firms, globally.”