HotDocs Launches Innovative Document Generation Platform

Market-leading document generation software firm, HotDocs, today announced the official launch of HotDocs Cloud Services – a cloud-based platform that facilitates the embedding of HotDocs automated document generation technologies into an organization’s own process systems, such as a corporate website or a Business Process Management (BPM) defined workflow. It is anticipated that Cloud Services will expedite a step-change in the way that organizations plan and execute their business processes.

HotDocs’ pioneering document generation technologies – resulting in intelligent templates that guide the user through document creation – are used by thousands of law firms, legal publishers, financial institutions and government bodies to streamline the process of creating repeat documentation, in terms of reducing time spent, increasing efficiency, reducing risk and vastly improving accuracy. HotDocs is used internationally in the production of a wide range of documentation, such as employment contracts, bank loans and sales contracts by a broad mix of customers across more than 40 countries.

Russell Shepherd, Managing Director of HotDocs, said: “HotDocs technology allows organizations of any kind to produce error free, business-critical documents in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of the legacy methods used for producing repeat, complex documentation. As the leading provider, worldwide, of automated document generation software, it is HotDocs’ mission to stay ahead of the curve and we continue to develop products that embrace and leverage the current technology environment. HotDocs Cloud Services harnesses the benefits of cloud computing and offers existing and new customers an innovative alternative to on premise, closed and proprietary document generation products, instead providing flexible access to our industrial strength cloud platform and integration tools on a ‘pay as you use’ basis.”

HotDocs Cloud Services is a subscription service that customers can start using immediately, whilst always benefiting from having the latest HotDocs features available, with no need for upgrades or maintenance. The Cloud Services platform delivers HotDocs document generation capabilities and tools to integrate with any application, allowing customers to enhance their systems to better fit business needs.

Bryan Bailey, Director of SaaS Products for HotDocs, commented: “For me, the most exciting aspect of HotDocs Cloud Services is the integration capability. Any organization can embed our document generation technologies within their existing or planned business process systems, providing a clear path for accurately producing the appropriate documentation, thus allowing easy monitoring and governance of customer and supplier management. We can work with third parties or directly with customers to embed our product within their business management software.”

The new technology, which has been in beta testing for over a year, comes with a toolbox of integration applications that enable rapid deployment of HotDocs templates into many web applications, customers’ cloud or on premise applications. A key design feature of Cloud Services enables the transmission of data between a web application and the document generation engine without the long-term storage of sensitive data in the cloud. Essentially, once Cloud Services has utilized a data set for the purpose of generating a document, the data is deleted – an approach which complies with the data-protection policies of most risk averse organizations.

Bailey concluded: “The scope and scale of HotDocs Cloud Services is immense. We are already working with a number of well-known workflow and case management system providers to deliver automation into document driven processes, with further collaborations in the pipeline. Our aim is to see HotDocs technology embedded wherever there is a need for the output of perfect documents.”

HotDocs Cloud Services is now available to customers, system integration partners and OEMs.

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