HotDocs Listed as a “Best of Breed” Technology among “Niche Content Management Market Vendors” in Gartner’s Market Trends Analysis on ECM

Lindon, UT and Edinburgh, Scotland – A recent Gartner market trends analysis on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) listed HotDocs as a “Best of Breed” technology among niche Enterprise Content Management vendors for 2014. The research, published by two senior Gartner analysts, Bianca Francesca Granetto and Tom Eid, focuses on the need for ECM vendors to view the web as a new ‘place’ and ‘pace’ for business, contending that “Digital business is about people either using or considering . . . [using] the Web as the main business public thoroughfare and marketplace.” While HotDocs is not considered a traditional ECM vendor, the company’s technology does provide mission critical functionality within ECM environments, as well as other horizontal technology environments, such as case management, Business Process Management (BPM), and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM).

“We were excited to receive recognition from Gartner,” commented Leonard DuCharme, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Given the core HotDocs value proposition—the generation of complex legal documents faster, less expensively, and of much higher quality than legacy methods—coupled with the company’s emphasis on cloud-based document generation on mobile devices, HotDocs is now closely aligned with Gartner’s nexus of forces (social, mobile, cloud, and information) that are shaping today’s business environment. We believe it is this combination of traditional functionality and new, cloud-based technologies that makes HotDocs a best-of-breed technology company.”

While unrelated, HotDocs views ILTA’s 2013 Technology Survey, which was published shortly after Gartner’s market trends analysis for ECM vendors, affirmation of Gartner’s best-of-breed assessment of HotDocs. HotDocs has more law firm and corporate legal users than all other market competitors combined. In addition to dominating the legal market for document generation, HotDocs also services 4 of the top 5 banks, 8 of the top 15 insurance companies, some of the world’s largest government agencies, and has well in excess of 1 million users.

Gartner, Inc., Market Trends: Reinvent ECM for the Place and Pace of Digital Business in 2014 and Beyond, Bianca Francesca Granetto, Tom Eid, October 23, 2013.

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About HotDocs

HotDocs is the recognized market leader in document generation software. Having pioneered the document generation concept (sometimes referred to as “document assembly” or “document automation”) in the mid-1980s, HotDocs now serves over 1 million users, including 60% of the legal market for document generation, 20+% of the Fortune 500, and enterprises of every type and size in 42 countries throughout the world. HotDocs Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of HotDocs Ltd., which is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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