HotDocs Software Continues to Dominate in International Business Markets

Lindon, UT and Edinburgh, Scotland (PRWEB) July 25, 2011 –HotDocs Corporation, the global leader in automated document generation, today announced that its HotDocs software was one of just nine business technologies selected from a group of more than 350 for presentation to the nation’s top ranking civil servants and business leaders. All presentations were made on July 19th in Whitehall, London followed by a reception in Downing Street. With the goal of lowering costs by up to 40%, the UK government initiated the Innovation Launch Pad program, which is designed to ferret out the best-of-the-best business technologies for use across government agencies.

Innovation Launch Pad is an excellent example of the UK government working with innovative businesses to improve its processes,” commented Russell Shepherd, HotDocs Corporation’s UK-based CEO. “We’re honored to have been selected to formerly present our company and technology to this elite group of leaders, but we’re not surprised. HotDocs has been a dominant force in the document automation market for almost two decades. In government agencies that repetitively produce legal documentation, HotDocs offers a dramatic increase in production time and quality of documentation over other methods.”

The HotDocs software suite includes a development engine (designed to allow businesses and government agencies alike to transform standard word processing documents and graphical forms into powerful software programs called templates) and various end-user technologies, including HotDocs Server, the company’s solution for cloud-based deployment of HotDocs templates. “In many instances,” commented Shepherd, “HotDocs allows businesses to reduce the time spent generating a document from days or weeks, down to hours, or even minutes. HotDocs is a silver-bullet technology that will dramatically improve almost any business or agency’s productivity.”

Nigel Richards, the company’s International Technical Director, added that “HotDocs Corporation’s consulting staff is well equipped to help UK government agencies integrate HotDocs into existing departmental workflows. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to help the government slash costs while improving the quality of its output.”

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HotDocs Corporation is the recognized market leader in document automation and assembly software, serving over 1,000,000 users worldwide, including 80% of the Am Law 200, 20% of the Fortune 500, and firms, corporations, and government agencies of all sizes. Having pioneered the concept of automated document generation in the late 1970s, HotDocs Corporation is now a wholly owned subsidiary of HotDocs Ltd.

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