Rocket Docket Launches New Automated Forms for New York on HotDocs Market

SAN DIEGO—April 17, 2018—HotDocs Market, the cloud-based document assembly service and online marketplace powered by AbacusNext, announced that Rocket Docket Legal Software—an independent New York publisher has launched a wide array of automated legal forms for New York attorneys via the HotDocs Market platform.

Rocket Docket Legal Software offers automated legal document templates specific to New York state that cover a wide range of practice areas including business, domestic relations, residential and commercial real estate, CPLR and criminal law. Subscribers are guided through an intelligent questionnaire that is used to generate tailored documents for each client. The Rocket Docket forms are designed using HotDocs’ powerful document automation technology which makes it possible for subscribers to create accurate, customized documents that minimize risk and save time, effort and cost.

“We are excited to add a new publisher to HotDocs Market, particularly one that provides such a wide range of forms to New York attorneys,” said Chris Cardinal,Executive Vice President of Software Engineering for AbacusNext. “Rocket Docket has put a great deal of effort and expertise into designing these powerful forms.

As a result, subscribers will be able to spend more time with their clients and less time drafting legal documents.” David Brickman, CEO of Rocket Docket said, “As a practicing attorney for 30 years, I know the job cannot be done without access to quality legal forms. Automating quality legal forms has been my mission for the last 15 years and we are so excited to offer products that will dramatically enhance legal practices.”