HotDocs Technology Stack

The HotDocs technology stack offers flexible options to enable organizations of any size to deploy the best product fit for their document assembly requirements. HotDocs document assembly software is available on desktop, on premise, via the cloud or as a hybrid cloud/server solution.

HotDocs Server

HotDocs Server enables web-based document automation, allowing access to HotDocs templates in any commonly available web browser.

Cloud Services

HotDocs Cloud Services enables you to have the industry’s leading, browser-based, document automation technology without the upfront cost of...

HotDocs Hub

The HotDocs Hub is a new module set that makes it easier than ever before to implement HotDocs – whatever the size of organization.  A suite...

HotDocs Developer

HotDocs Developer gives you the ability to transform documents, into powerful templates.

HotDocs User

HotDocs User is a desktop software program that allows you to organize, access, and run HotDocs document-automation templates.

HotDocs Market

HotDocs Market is a new, unique and innovative online marketplace for legal professionals who need access to professionally crafted, automated...


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