HotDocs is made for everyone

Small to medium-sized businesses

HotDocs Advance can be deployed as an out-of-the-box solution, ready to go in minutes.

SMB Solutions

Enterprise organizations

Customizable solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing business systems and revolutionize your workflow operations.

Enterprise Solutions

Scale and simplify

HotDocs advanced document system automatically turns frequently used documents and forms into reusable templates, allowing you to create custom, error-free documentation in a fraction of the time.

Templatization made easy

Say goodbye to cutting and pasting. HotDocs template authoring tool transforms documents and forms into dynamic templates that can be used again and again.

Uncomplicated interview forms

Users are guided through an intelligent interview process, which HotDocs document generation software uses to customize the final document.

An ever-growing feature set

An API that allows for further integration and customization, our document automation tools are here to support your organization’s growth.

Choosing the Right Document Automation Software

There’s nothing worse than investing in a technology solution, only to find that it falls short of your expectations. This is especially true with document management technology.

The power of HotDocs

HotDocs document automation platform gives your team the ability to transform ordinary Word documents into fully automated templates. Insert placeholders for specific customer data into the body of the text, and build structures that generate Word documents, PDFs, and much more. Some our of our favorite HotDocs templatization features include the ability to:

If a user provides a numerical value, such as a cost in dollars, the document may need that value represented in words, such as “One thousand four hundred and twenty-three dollars.” HotDocs can make these formatting changes automatically.

The document author can select whole sections of text to be included only under certain conditions, perhaps dependent on multiple items of data.

Only show relevant questions and provide helpful guidance to your end users.

Conditionally include extra documents depending on how the interview is answered.

Include as many rows or sections as your end user needs.

These can be numerical for tax or costs or based on text values.

Can be made with varying levels for complex corporate structures.

Secure Single Sign-On

Cloud Sign-On helps users log in to HotDocs Advance faster and more securely. Reduce complexity and save time for large organizations with multiple users with multiple passwords. Multi-factor authentication can be set up to further increase security when using Single Sign-On.

Ready to deploy as SaaS, on-premise, or in Abacus Private Cloud

End users will enjoy the ease and flexibility that comes with generating documents on browser-based templates in the cloud or on premise using a variety of devices like PCs, Macs, and tablets.

Royal Bank of Scotland

“We process in excess of 350,000 security and loan documents every year. HotDocs makes the process fast, flexible and efficient, providing us with a readily maintained system.”

Head of Credit Documentation, RBS

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HotDocs Classic

HotDocs Classic is our suite of document automation products prior to the release of HotDocs Advance. The suite includes HotDocs Developer, HotDocs User, HotDocs Server, HotDocs Hub, and Cloud Services, up to and including version 11.2.x.

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HotDocs Market is your source for accurate, cost-efficient, user-friendly forms crafted by commercial legal publishers and state bar associations.

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Release Notes

We update various features of HotDocs Advance independently. Find the latest changes to Advance, Interview and Document Assembly, Author, and more.

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