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Overview of HotDocs

  What is Document Generation Software? (5:40)   WATCH VIDEO
  Introduction to HotDocs Terminology   DOWNLOAD PDF   

Getting Started Series

  HotDocs Developer Overview (4:50)   WATCH VIDEO
  Create a New Word Processor Template (1:59)   WATCH VIDEO
  Variable Fields, Text Fields & Components (4:41)   WATCH VIDEO
  Insert a Date Variable (1:07)   WATCH VIDEO
  Insert a Number Variable (0:54)   WATCH VIDEO
  Insert a Multiple Choice Variable (1:16)   WATCH VIDEO
  Insert a Computation Variable (2:56)   WATCH VIDEO
  Insert Pronouns (3:09)   WATCH VIDEO
  Insert Conditional Text Using an "IF Field" (2:55)   WATCH VIDEO
  Insert Conditional Text Using an "Else IF" Field (3:59)   WATCH VIDEO
  Organize Variables Using Dialogs (3:11)   WATCH VIDEO
  Test a Template (3:20)   WATCH VIDEO

Consulting & Template Development Support


For additional documentation and support material, be sure to review these resources: HotDocs Developer 11 Tutorial, Documentation, Downloads, Wiki, Forum, training.

Need expert template development support? Our team of consultants can assist you with automating your documents regardless of how simple or sophisticated they may be. We can also assist you with all levels of system integrations.

For additional information call us on (800)-500-3627 or click here.


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