HotDocs taking your business international

Taking Your Business International with HotDocs

Document Generation

More than a million end-users throughout 60 countries use HotDocs daily to generate documents in dozens of languages. Our clients include international law firms, global banks, insurance providers, multinational corporations, and government agencies. Staff within these organizations depend on HotDocs to produce sophisticated documents, including lending packages, legal agreements, and customer communications in a variety of languages: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, and more.

Recognizing the need to support our global customer base, we designed the software to handle nearly any language requirement. HotDocs technology consists of four main elements, each designed to work seamlessly together to support a variety of language formats.

  1. Templates: Automated Microsoft Word and PDF documents that generate documents
  2. Interviews: Dynamic questionnaires associated with templates that gather necessary information used to generate a document. You can gather interview data manually or pull from sources like CRM systems and databases.
  3. Answers: Data entered into the interview or passed to HotDocs that’s required to assemble a document
  4. Documents: Output Microsoft Word or PDF documents generated from a template and its associated interview and answer files

Language Complexities

Generating documents in multiple languages and formats is complex. At a minimum, document automation solutions must have the technical ability to support formats that include:

  • Fonts
  • Symbols
  • Icons
  • Currencies
  • Text direction (left-to-right, right-to-left)
  • Numbers
  • Dates
  • Gender
  • Unicode standards

Organizational Requirements

Along with the above requirement for multilanguage format support, document automation technology needs to be able to produce documents that meet both companywide and local requirements.

HotDocs’ Proven Approach

Our document automation solutions enable multiple language support for both end-users and administrative staff:

  • End-Users: HotDocs technology improves the end-user experience by enabling the simple creation of documents in a variety of languages, producing error-free, language-specific documents that are fully compliant with business standards.
  • Administrative Staff:HotDocs technology is a powerful tool for employees who are responsible for business processes. It simplifies the creation, management, distribution, and control of both the templates and the output documents, thus ensuring the correct production of documents in multiple languages throughout the entire organization.


Our ability to fully support language requirements helps organizations run more efficiently. Document automation technology gives organizations the abilities to:

  • Manage risk
  • Ensure compliance
  • Eliminate errors
  • Speed up document production processes
  • Ensure consistency
  • Simplify the end-user document creation experience
  • Ensure brand and format consistency
  • Effectively maintain templates and user groups
  • Integrate with business systems (CRM, databases, DMS, BPM, websites, e-signature, etc.)

Proven Technology

Having a global presence has helped us understand the complexities of multilanguage document production processes. For example, a top global bank uses our technology to support its lending staff in more than 40 countries. The staff created templates in dozens of languages containing both organizational and local requirements. Our document automation technology reduced the amount of work in many of the bank’s branches by as much as 95%, which enabled employees to handle many more customers than they could in the past. The technology’s passed on additional benefits to the bank’s customers, who have experienced faster approvals, error-free documentation, and shortened loan processing times.

Listed below are additional resources to help you learn about language support capabilities inside HotDocs Advance. We’d love to share a personalized demo with you. Please contact us today.