The HotDocs Training team brings years of training and consulting experience to the table, ensuring you receive the highest-quality HotDocs training available. Training is held through on-demand courses hosted on site (usually at your place of business) or online. The following courses are currently available:


Basic Training (HotDocs I) - A one day course covering the fundamentals of HotDocs template development, such as creating variables, defining conditional text and designing interviews.

Advanced Training (HotDocs II) - Two days covering more advanced automation topics such as database connectivity, complex scripting and publishing.

Bespoke Training - Experienced trainers will work with you to determine your requirements, and then use your content to provide targeted training on developing for your platforms, systems and documents.

Online Training - HotDocs regularly offers 1-3 day training courses that range to suit the absolute beginner to more seasoned HotDocs template author.  See the HotDocs Training Schedule for details of courses in your area


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