Is Document Generation Software Right for My Organization?

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Manual document generation is extremely time-consuming and often becomes unnecessarily complex. This is especially true for organizations that rely on the high-volume creation of documents that contain similar or recurring information. Cutting and pasting information from existing documents is painfully slow and can easily introduce errors — especially troubling for regulated industries. Every new manually generated document needs to be scrutinized for accuracy, throwing yet another wrench into an already aggregating slow process. 

If you want to increase document generation accuracy and efficiency, and speed up the process at the same time, your organization needs to invest in document generation software.

​​What is Document Generation Software?

Document generation software automates the creation of critical documents. Content generated by highly regulated industries —  including banks, insurance companies, and law firms — typically contain both static and dynamic data. Static data stays the same from document to document. Dynamic data is more dangerous, since it changes from client to client. Document generation software enables you to replicate static data and automate dynamic data across multiple dynamic forms, reducing manual errors and speeding the entire document generation process.

How Does Leading Document Generation Software Work?

The power behind document generation software comes from templates and forms. HotDocs templates are custom, transaction-ready documents that are created from a sequence of intelligent question-and-answer forms. Our dynamic templates not only reduce the time it takes to create new documents, but they also improve the quality of the document by eliminating human errors that tend to result from hands-on editing.

Remember, document generation technologies are designed specifically to create complex, rule-based documents and forms based on an initial “interview” form. Document creation software makes it easy to program documents to populate dynamic fields with the correct data.

How Document Generation Works Inside HotDocs

Different document generation vendors use different approaches. HotDocs provides a tool set that works inside your word processor, enabling you to embed simple variables, computed variables, and business logic in the document, basically transforming the document into a template. 

HotDocs then allows you to use the variables and business logic from the document to construct and automate an interview (a sequence of interactive data-gathering forms). Users of HotDocs templates interact with the interview feature that can be used to ensure that documents are generated correctly. Individual fields within an interview can be validated for range, and sophisticated interactive help resources can also be attached to specific fields.

Want to see document generation software in action? Get a free demo of HotDocs today!

How Should I Deploy Document Generation Software Across my Organization?

The HotDocs professional services team — made up of software engineers and project managers — are here to provide expert implementation guidance and support. We will help you fully integrate HotDocs into your existing workflows, enabling you to get the most out of your document generation technology.

From employee education to dedicated user support, our service teams work hard to ensure your success. With decades of collective experience in document generation process automation, across many different industries, our consultants have the expertise to build systems to maximize your efficiency in several areas, including system integrations, template development, training and onboarding, and project management.

Pain-free Document Generation

With powerful templates designed to automatically create new, customized versions of the underlying document or form, you have the power and flexibility to automate the generation of any document — or set of documents — no matter how lengthy or complex. Once you’ve transformed your documents into saved HotDocs templates, you can use them on your desktop in your own server environment, or in the HotDocs environment. You can even embed HotDocs in your own custom workflows or web pages. HotDocs also features a library of pre-built templates, customized for specific industries, roles, etc.

And remember: HotDocs integrates with your current systems, including document management, client/case management, SharePoint, and more. 

Thousands of clients, ranging from Fortune 50 banks to small law firms, and insurance companies already use HotDocs to improve document generation efficiency, increase accuracy, and reduce risk. Contact us today to see HotDocs in action for yourself.