8 Holiday Gift Ideas

8 Holiday Gifts That Will Delight Your Staff

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It’s the end of the year. In an accounting firm, that means working through a long to-do list of records and reports in preparation for tax season, which is just around the corner. But before the paperwork starts to pile up, many accounting firm owners are starting to think about holiday gifts for their employees.

If you want to show appreciation for your staff members, you’re on the right track with holiday gifts. Every year, 78 percent of employers give some kind of year-end gift, with an average cost of about $65 per employee. But even if you’ve set aside the budget for holiday gifts, many employers struggle to come up with a gift idea that isn’t over the top.

We’ve got you covered. If you’re wondering how you can show appreciation without blowing your budget, here are eight holiday gift ideas that will delight your team.

Gift ideas for individual staff members

Many accounting firms kick off holiday celebrations by recognizing staff members individually. If that sounds like the best way to say, “Thank you!” to your team, consider one of the following thoughtful gifts:

  • Board games – If you want to encourage your employees to take more time to play in 2019, consider pairing a new and classic board game like Candyland or Apples to Apples with a gift card for party snacks or dinner out.
  • Gear with firm logo – One of the most traditional ways to show appreciation for your staff is to hand out high-end company swag like leather padfolios, laptop bags, desk clocks or jackets.
  • Upgraded office supplies – If your staff loves office supplies, a spending spree at an upscale office supply store like Poppin or Paper Source is a great way to show your appreciation.
  • Standing desks – If your team is on a fitness kick, nothing shows your support like springing for standing desks (or convertible standing desks).
  • Floating personal day – Year after year, staff surveys report that the most appreciated gifts are cash bonuses and time off. If you can’t splurge on a bonus, consider offering team members a floating half or full day off to use in the first quarter of 2019.

Gift ideas for the whole team

Sometimes it can make more sense to recognize your team all at once – which also lets you make the most of a big budget. If you want to celebrate your staff as a group, here are three ideas sure to please:

  • Upgrade the break room – It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Consider upgrading your current coffee station to an espresso machine or installing a television and game console for more engaging downtime. If relaxation is more important, upgrade your furniture and lighting to create a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Massage therapy at the office – If you’re throwing a holiday party, consider hiring a traveling massage therapy team like Soothe to come into your office and provide short chair massages for a reasonable hourly rate. If you aren’t having a holiday party, consider booking them for a few Fridays in the new year to welcome everyone back to work.
  • Time together – If you have a particularly tight-knit team, consider springing for a team-building day at a special place, such as a botanical garden, museum or tourist spot. Look up your location on Trip Advisor to find an entertaining and accessible adventure perfect for your office.

If you want to show your staff you appreciate their hard work and loyalty in 2018, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful holiday gift. Consider an individual or group-themed gift to have your team ringing in the new year with a big “Thank you!”