Bank Uses BPM for Expansion Governance

Document Services

A regional bank located in the Western U.S. that focuses on the agriculture market is rapidly expanding by acquiring additional banks with similar lending practices. One of the bank’s biggest challenges was a dated and inadequate system for its most important business process—originating loans and generating collateral documentation. As the bank acquired additional banks and attempted to deploy its existing system into the new branches, the system’s weaknesses—particularly, its inability to scale—became all the more apparent.

The bank engaged in an extensive vendor analysis, carefully evaluating fifteen different document generation platforms before finally choosing the market-leading HotDocs, a decision it based on feature set, market longevity, and price, among other factors. The bank engaged HotDocs’ Technical Services Team to assist in designing a comprehensive loan generation workflow that imposed order on the bank’s loan origination process.

The new system leads bank personnel through a highly structured, interactive interview that gathers only the relevant data for the loan in question. The system facilitates quick analysis of loan data by the approval committee and generates all collateral documentation for a loan in seconds. The system ensures compliance with the bank’s internal policies as well as government regulations, and ultimately mitigates loss by dramatically increasing efficiency while decreasing the number of bad loans the bank makes. Furthermore, as policy changes go into effect, the bank is able to quickly update the HotDocs-based system, thus ensuring that each loan officer within each branch is generating up-to-date loan documentation.

Because of the ease with which the HotDocs-based system can be deployed into new branches, the system allows bank management to effectively govern expansion by ensuring all bank personnel follow the same structured process for generating new loans.