7 Ways Legal Document Automation Can Boost Your Business

Learn how legal document automation can help your law firm transform case and practice management processes.

Introducing virtual interviews in HotDocs

At a time when most companies are operating remotely, virtual collaboration with clients is more important than ever. Virtual interviews, included in version 1.18 of HotDocs Advance, allow organizations to collect information from clients using a online interview.

Legalweek20: New tools for moving forward on cloud, AI, and security

Looking back on the many years we have participated in Legaltech, the energy and excitement level at Legalweek20 was higher than ever. A consistent flow of visitors walked the show floor, most with a strong sense of purpose in seeking out new products and solutions for their organizations. In recent years, eDiscovery took top billing in promotions, sessions, and signage, and was a hot topic in casual conversations at lunch and breaks. At this year’s event, other challenges and initiatives seemed to generate true interest and activity:

Why lawyers should embrace artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made some impressive advances in the past decade, specifically in technology designed for legal work. In that time, we’ve been bombarded with warnings that AI will take our jobs and robots will ultimately put humans out of work. And while those fears are largely unfounded, many lawyers remain skeptical of AI and question how it might impact their future careers.

5 Reasons to Switch to HotDocs Advance

In 2019, your institution will have to navigate an environment where divergence from global synchronization has become the new norm and the pressure to produce profits, become more efficient, and mitigate risk hasn’t changed. Targeting your document automation production processes is one way to meet these goals in a landscape full of increased regulation and scalability requirements.