Reasons to Switch to HotDocs Advance

5 Reasons to Switch to HotDocs Advance

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In 2019, your institution will have to navigate an environment where divergence from global synchronization has become the new norm and the pressure to produce profits, become more efficient, and mitigate risk hasn’t changed. Targeting your document automation production processes is one way to meet these goals in a landscape full of increased regulation and scalability requirements.

Industry giant Deloitte predicts regulation, technology, and risk are the most common areas financial institutions will focus on as they push for growth this year. As your business looks towards the future, concentrate on maintaining data integrity and ensuring your existing systems can incorporate new technologies, like machine learning. Rethinking the tools you use and targeting your document production processes will help your firm meet its objectives in the areas of technology and risk.

HotDocs Advance is one of the most valuable resources for any organization with significant document assembly needs. HotDocs has been helping companies large and small successfully create error-free documentation for more than 30 years. With more than a million end-users who depend on our technology every day, we understand that document automation plays a crucial role in boosting customer relations, helping you operate efficiently, and generating profits. HotDocs Advance has the tools to help you efficiently create standardized documents and reduce risk. Read on to learn five reasons you should migrate your document automation system to HotDocs Advance:

  1. State-of-the-Art Technology: These days, banking institutions are expected to have a sound data management strategy, modern infrastructure, and cloud-based security. While it’s certainly a massive opportunity, data’s also a potential threat that needs robust controls in place to limit risk. For this reason, banks are embracing document automation for producing faultless documentation. Leveraging from the power of data and moving over to the cloud will streamline operations, ensure you comply with regulations, and fuel growth.
  2. Reduced Risk: The document creation process is prone to risk. Incorrect terms, misspellings, unapproved clauses, outdated regulations, and missing signatures can threaten the security of (and embarrass) your firm. With our technology, it’s easier to assess and mitigate risk through the life cycle. HotDocs Advance helps you address these risks by ensuring high-quality drafts and up-to-date terms in your documentation. Along with the document creation process, HotDocs Advance provides backup, storage, and support to ensure your documents are always available when you need them.
  3. Increased Productivity: HotDocs Advance provides a seamless relationship between the template development process and the deployment of templates to staff members that need to generate documents. Its tools make it easy to design, manage, and deploy templates to ensure you are operating as productively and securely as possible. Work Items, a new feature in HotDocs Advance, makes it easier to manage tasks associated with templates, documents, and client data. Having a fully operational document assembly toolset helps your bank increase productivity and see a quick ROI on the software.
  4. Cost Savings: Using HotDocs to streamline document creation and reduce production time reduces expenses for the salaries of employees who perform document review and audit, data entry, document tracking, internal and external communication, and collaboration with third parties. In turn, your bank will be able to redirect those saved resources to other pressing issues.
  5. Scalability: HotDocs Advance is designed for scalability. Our engineers have worked with clients of all sizes to ensure it meets their various needs. Integrations with Microsoft Active Directory make it easy to manage users, permissions, and groups. Assigning templates to authorized users has never been easier, and it’s simple to scale up or down as your needs change. Tools for managing templates keep them uniform across the company and make it efficient to roll out them out to users dispersed throughout your offices, regardless of geography. Additionally, the ability to deploy templates through cloud, desktop, and hybrid environments ensures the technology can be securely used by organizations of any size.

HotDocs Advance is powerful technology that can help your organization run efficiently, eliminate risks, and reduce costs associated with unproductive processes. Schedule a demo today to see for yourself how HotDocs Advance can help your firm succeed.