Document Assembly Tools

Document Services

After turning a document into a template (document automation) using HotDocs Developer, HotDocs offers many different document assembly tools to allow an organization’s users access to these templates. These different document assembly tools enable an organization to deploy its templates on the desktop, in the cloud via a SaaS solution, or in an on-premise environment. Each of these document assembly tools allows an organization’s HotDocs users to access centrally stored templates, gather situation-specific information through a Q&A interview, and assemble a finished document.


The desktop version of HotDocs is called HotDocs User. With User, an end-user can access HotDocs templates stored on a shared network drive. A system administrator can also regulate an end-user’s permission levels to maintain the accuracy of documents. HotDocs User is ideal for small organizations.


Small- and medium-sized organizations can benefit greatly from our cloud-based document assembly tool, HotDocs Document Services. With this SaaS solution, users can assemble documents from anywhere they have internet access. In addition, Document Services includes a feature called “client interviews,” which allows a data-gathering Q&A to be posted on an organization’s website or emailed directly to a client. This further streamlines the document assembly process.


Large organizations that want the web-based flexibility Document Services offers but need to host the application on its own can greatly benefit from implementing HotDocs Server, the HotDocs client/server solution. Organizations that deploy Server can choose whether to use one of HotDocs’ three pre-built document assembly applications or to integrate HotDocs with other databases or systems.

HotDocs provides document assembly platforms for organizations of all kinds. To learn more, call or email us today.