When a bank commits to a digital transformation project, it’s a huge undertaking that includes utilizing technology to radically improve performance and transitioning from manual process to automated solutions. Covering multiple divisions and processes, digital transformation can revolutionize banking operations and greatly benefit both customers and shareholders.

A key part of digital transformation is selecting the best available technology for the individual processes under consideration. For the document creation process, the market-leading document automation solution is HotDocs.

HotDocs Use Cases in Banking:

  • Commercial lending documents
  • New client on boarding
  • Document generation from BPM workflow
  • Document production from CRM systems
  • Data gathering for KYC
  • Enforcing document compliance
  • Reducing document risk

About HotDocs:

  • More than 11,000 customers, worldwide
  • Used in 4 of the top 5 global banks
  • Pioneer and market leader in document automation
  • Enterprise solution with robust, industry-standard APIs
  • A flexible, adaptable, reliable and scalable solution
  • On premise, cloud or hybrid solutions – to suit all requirements
  • A best of breed document automation solution

HotDocs document automation software has been deployed in numerous banks across the world as part of digital transformation projects. Bringing efficiency and standardization to the production of business critical documents, using HotDocs to gather data and create documentation negates risk, enhances compliance and improves customer experience.

Whether integrated with a business process management (BPM) system, working as a part of the bank’s loan origination process or utilized in an external portal to on board new clients or assist with KYC, HotDocs helps to deliver on digital transformation efficiency and customer satisfaction targets.