Document Automation Fits into a Digital Transformation Strategy

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As technology advances, how will you keep your company’s digital transformation strategy ahead of the curve? Staying competitive means staying informed on new technology, and getting your team to efficiently vet the hundreds of tools that drive profitability and productivity is no small feat.

As you look to add to your technology roster, document automation tools should be one of your first picks. It’s a high-impact tool that supports consistency and productivity, and significantly reduces risks associated with large-scale document creation.

Why prioritize document automation solutions

Streamlined business processes rely on document automation solutions to accelerate digital transformation efforts. Document automation software combines automation and document management to modernize document creation, mitigate risks, and simplify manual processes. Though a popular tool for industries like legal, financial, and insurance, any organization can benefit from document automation. 

As you develop strategies to enhance various processes to improve efficiency, profitability, and productivity, direct your focus on the most common silos: accounts payable, customer operations, and field services and management — all of which can be document-heavy. Processes within these three domains are often repetitive and lack efficiency, but can become collaborative and productive with the right tools.

How to incorporate document automation at your company

Business transformations look different for every organization, and so will the way you implement document automation. There are a number of ways you can use document automation, including:

  • Integrating automation with document compliance capabilities to allow for structured rights and access;
  • Incorporating a cloud-based filing system to enforce security and privacy requirements;
  • Implementing tools that can quickly assemble multiple documents, flag incongruences, and keep information consistent;

Regardless of how you use document automation, ensure that the solution you choose includes advanced security, access rights, and encryption. With tools such as HotDocs, an industry leader in document automation, organizations have benefited from streamlined processes that have improved efficiency and productivity. 

To learn more about how digital transformation and document automation are connected, contact us today to see a demo of HotDocs.