Document Diversity: Automating in the Legal Sector

Document Services

Legal has been the pioneering sector on which document assembly has grown and, as you would expect, there are a huge number of documents that benefit from automation with HotDocs software.

From agreements to contracts and letters to forms, HotDocs technology can be used to automate a vast selection of documents, saving time and money, reducing risk and enhancing compliance in the process.

The range of documents that are automated by HotDocs clients is vast. Below are just a handful of examples detailing how law firms have transformed business processes by turning essential documents into dynamic HotDocs templates.

An AM Law firm in the United States uses HotDocs to process wills, trusts and estate planning documents for high net-worth individuals. These documents were once prone to error and took a full day to put together; since implementing HotDocs, the firm is able to produce the same set of documents in under thirty minutes, with no errors.

HotDocs is also used to successfully automate a variety of documents in other business areas of the same AM Law firm, dramatically slashing production times and error rates. While automating documents associated with real estate transactions, the attorneys at this firm are able to use one template to create up to thirty documents simultaneously, reducing the time spent to prepare the documents from seven hours to under an hour. This is an excellent example of how a single HotDocs template can be used to populate several documents at once for greatly improved efficiency.

HotDocs can be deployed across entire organisations and law firms around the world are using millions of automated documents every month. It is common for firms to use HotDocs in multiple practice areas including:

  • Wealth Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Criminal
  • Banking & Finance
  • Employment
  • Corporate
  • Insurance
  • Energy & Resources
  • Property & Construction
  • Human Resources
  • Oil & Gas
  • Tax

Each department creates HotDocs templates for use multiple times, providing swift and efficient document production that saves hundreds of hours of repetitive work and allows lawyers to spend more time on other work.

Law firms of all sizes use HotDocs to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace and are continually reaping the benefits of utilising the software.

One firm with only four staff have produced over 150,000 business entity formation documents since implementing HotDocs in the business and another with eighteen staff are producing 6,000 collections documents per month, including legal pleadings, form letters, complaints, court filings, judgments and garnishments.

All of these examples show how using HotDocs to streamline business processes gives a tangible advantage over competitors. The time attorneys save by using HotDocs gives them the chance to focus their expertise on other issues and, more importantly, enjoy more face-to-face time with clients, old and new.