Enhance both BPM and Compliance with Document Automation

Document Services

Over the last few years there has been a move towards closer integration between Business Process Management (BPM) and document automation. This has evolved to the point where document automation is viewed by many as a subset of BPM.

For many large organisations document automation is an integral part of their business process.

For instance, workflows at banks frequently involve the processing and approval of legal documents. But most standard BPM software lacks the capability to gather complex data and then use it to generate the documents. Consequently, many organisations manually generate documents before passing them back into into the workflow for processing and approval.

HotDocs addresses this back-to-front approach by enabling users to integrate interactive document-automation interviews into existing workflows. By adding logic into your organisation’s documents these can then transformed into document templates. These intelligent templates are integrated into BPM systems so that they function within workflows, producing documents within the BPM system, simplifying business process and resulting in fully compliant documents every time.

Organisations saving time and money by seamlessly producing compliant and accurate documents is an ever growing trend. Adding automated document production to BPM systems creates an ideal scenario where companies are assured that data entering their BPM workflow via an enterprise database remains the one source of truth, as it is pulled into HotDocs to create perfectly accurate, perfectly formatted business and client documentation. No rekeying, no duplication of effort, no human error.

For many organisations, the generation of complex documentation requires strict monitoring to ensure compliance. A great way to facilitate this is through document automation, which allows you to build safeguards into the process, ensures best practice and reduce the risk of human error.

Whether it’s sales contracts or loan agreements, the final document is controlled by the content owner. As HotDocs is fully integrated within your workflow from the interactive interview through to the generation of final contracts compliance is never an issue.

HotDocs automated document assembly software provides companies with the power to monitor document compliance with a wider business process system. To find out more please get in touch orschedule a 30 minute demo.