HotDocs Advance Cloud Winter Updates: Unlocking the Power of Document Automation

Document Services

The team at HotDocs is excited to have had such a productive winter! Check out the latest cloud release of HotDocs Advance, loaded with a range of new features and enhancements to maximize your document automation experience. Whether you are a legal professional, document specialist, or simply looking to streamline your document creation process, the latest release of HotDocs Advance has something for everyone.

In-Interview Action Links

First, let us discuss the introduction of In-Interview Action Links, a feature that provides users with direct access to external workflows from within the interview. This means that you can now easily integrate HotDocs Advance with other applications and workflows, streamlining your document creation process and eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. With In-Interview Action Links, you can access the data and information you need to complete your documents quickly and efficiently.

Work Item Status Filtering

The next feature to highlight is the ability to filter work items using work item statuses. This new feature makes it easier for customers who use our APIs to keep track of work items and ensure that integrations are working correctly. You can now filter your work items by status, such as “In Progress” or “Completed,” making it easier to find the items you need when you need them.

Webhook Management

Integration Administrators can now manage Webhooks directly from within HotDocs Advance. This provides one role with responsibility for managing the integration of HotDocs Advance with other applications and services, ensuring that your document automation process is always running smoothly. With the ability to manage all aspects of integration from within HotDocs Advance, Integration Administrators can quickly resolve any issues that may arise and keep your document creation process on track.

iManage Private Cloud Instance Connectivity

HotDocs Advance can now be configured to connect to iManage private cloud instances. Easily integrate HotDocs Advance with iManage, a leading document management solution for legal professionals, for a holistic approach taking advantage of the powerful document automation capabilities of HotDocs Advance, while also benefiting from the robust document management features of iManage.

Document Visibility Controls

Another exciting new feature in the latest release of HotDocs Advance is the introduction of document visibility controls. Customers who use our APIs can now directly manage access to documents in the HotDocs Advance user interface. This new feature works closely with the previously released post-processing feature, giving you greater control over your document automation process, and ensuring that your sensitive information is always protected.

Document Count Included in Work Item Table

The document count is now included in the work item table. This new feature makes it easier to keep track of the number of documents you have created using HotDocs Advance, helping you to quickly identify areas where you can optimize your document automation process. With the document count included in the work item table, you can quickly see how many documents you have created, helping you to better understand the impact of your document automation efforts.

CARET Legal Add-in

Finally, CARET Legal, the innovative practice management software for law firms, has just gotten even better with the addition of the HotDocs Advance add-in Advanced Document Automation powered by HotDocs. This feature will allow CARET Legal users to seamlessly automate document generation within CARET Legal, taking advantage of the power and versatility of HotDocs Advance. With this new addition, law firms can streamline their document generation processes, saving time and effort while increasing efficiency and accuracy. By combining the capabilities of HotDocs Advance with the robust features of CARET Legal, law firms can take their productivity to the next level and get more done in less time.

If you would like to learn more about HotDocs and see some of these updates in action, schedule a demo today!