HotDocs is Cool, and We’re Not the Only Ones Who Think So

Document Services

In a recent call, John Dixon, head of Gartner’s BPM group, was explaining what he and his team of analysts were looking for in the New Year—technologies that enable organizations to do things that simply couldn’t be done before. Genuine innovation and authentic disruption was what he was describing, and it was music to my ears because that’s what HotDocs is now unleashing. “Says who?” you might ask . . . .

A couple of other Gartner analysts, Bianca Francesca Granetto and Tom Eid, recently published a trends analysis for 2014 which describes the emerging opportunity for technologies that collaterally deal with content creation, routing, management, etc. This report, which groups such technologies under the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) banner, points to the cloud as the new “place” for business and lists HotDocs as a “Vendor to Watch” and a “best-of-breed” technology for Document Generation. On top of that, HotDocs has been named a 2014 Cool Vendor for content management. High praise from the world’s most plugged-in technology analyst organization.

Gartner’s recognition comes in the wake of the 2013 release of HotDocs Cloud Services, the world’s first Document Generation Platform-as-a-Service (DGPaaS) and an early planned release of the HotDocs apps store (think’s AppExchange). Together the two will consolidate HotDocs million+ users into an authentic, cloud-based ecosystem that will spawn thousands of new, jurisdictional solutions and present a compelling value proposition, not just to end users, but to enterprises up and down the value chain.

For jurisdictional content authors (publishers); system integrators; related technology vendors, such as BPMs and case management systems, and too many other types of stakeholders to mention, the HotDocs cloud-based ecosystem will do just what John Dixon was describing—let people do things that simply couldn’t be done before, the result being increased productivity and quality of work product.