The HotDocs Ripple Effect

Document Services

I was thinking about something fun today. There is an Easter egg in HotDocs User and HotDocs Developer that has existed for over 12 years now. (For more info on what an Easter egg is, check here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_(media)). Open HotDocs, go to the Help menu and choose About. When the About HotDocs window is displayed, right-click anywhere on the image, and enjoy the ripple effect there.

This was put in by a developer having a little fun, but this ripple effect started me thinking of the spread of efficiency that HotDocs can bring within a company. A ripple effect starts at a small location and spreads out to have great impact from there. As HotDocs document automation software is not a business critical tool until you have it, it may often start small within a business, rather than be deployed company-wide. After implementation there, that small group starts to have great return on their investment and HotDocs becomes an invaluable asset to the business.

When there is a large impact in a small part of the organisation, the users get excited and start talking about it to others, and the tool often spreads within the business, mimicking the ripples in the Easter egg described above. At HotDocs, we strive to give you a product and services that you can be excited about. When you get excited about HotDocs, you share it with someone and they begin to see the value in our excellent product as well. This has been a great contributor to our business success.

The coming months are an exciting time for HotDocs as we continue to give you products that will excite you. We are working hard to make template authoring easier, deployment smoother and integrations simpler. I’m excited about the changes coming and the opportunity to share them with all I have a chance to. If you’re reading this and you’re a user of our product, we thank you and encourage you to share your excitement with someone new today and keep that ripple effect moving. If you’re not a user, we encourage you to take a look, and you’ll discover what the excitement is about!

We’ll continue to make waves at HotDocs and we look forward to helping your businesses create perfect documents!

To find out more about how HotDocs document automation software can start a ripple effect in your business, schedule a 30 minute demo.