How Many People Can Use Your HotDocs Templates?

Document Services

Anyone in your organization who has a HotDocs license can use the templates created by your template developer.

Most HotDocs users in an organization do not need to edit templates– they only need to assemble documents from these templates. These users do not need HotDocs Developer, which is used for the actual automation work (although Developer does have the additional capability to assemble documents). Instead, most people using HotDocs can access templates and assemble all the documents they need with HotDocs User, which does not allow the user to create or edit a template.

Of course, only those members of your organization with a HotDocs license can access templates. With HotDocs User, each of them will be able to access template libraries assigned to him or her and save answers to be used in other templates. As soon as the template developer makes a change on an existing template or uploads a new template to a shared network drive, all the users will immediately have access to the most current version available.

If you are working with HotDocs Server, each person in your organization will need either a Developer or User license to access templates and assemble documents online. HotDocs Server utilizes one of three applications to provide web-based functionality.