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Insurance Document Creation

Document Services

Accurate document creation is mission critical for most insurance providers. In the competitive and regulated insurance industry, providers must ensure that documentation (policies, contracts, correspondence, etc.) is delivered quickly and is compliant with internal rules and governing laws. To minimize risk of human error in the process, many insurance companies automate the creation of transactional documents.

This process involves the transformation of documents and forms into process applications. In use, document creation process applications present users with an interview (a wizard-like sequence of data-gathering windows). Data can be entered into interviews manually or can be drawn from any number of enterprise data sources. With an interview complete, a system user can generate documents with the click of a mouse.

Because many insurance providers may want to make document creation interviews available to users from within the context of other web applications (BPM workflows, case management systems, GRC systems, etc.), such companies should select a document creation platform that enables rapid and deep integration. One such platform is HotDocs, the industry leader in document creation technology.

HotDocs allows insurance companies to deploy process applications on premise and provides a full set of APIs for integration into other systems. Likewise, HotDocs Cloud Services, a cloud-based document creation platform), enables rapid integration of HotDocs interviews (the user-facing piece of a process application) into other web applications on a subscription basis.

Automating the document creation process not only insures much higher quality documents (virtually eliminating the risk of human error) but also dramatically improves production time while lowering related expenses.