TechnoLawyer’s “TL Answers” newsletter explains why HotDocs is the best choice for document building

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In the May 3, 2012 edition of TechnoLawyer’s “TL Answers” newsletter, a woman who works for a corporate legal department asked TechnoLawyer a question about document building programs. She and her co-workers have been using a “home-grown” document building program, but it is incompatible with the 2010 version of Microsoft Word, which the office recently upgraded to. She asked TechnoLawyer if there was a better alternative to completely re-building their document automation program from scratch and hoping it stays compatible with future Microsoft Word updates. She wanted something easy to use, without a lot of “cumbersome” functionality, yet powerful enough to handle complex documents; something that would create documents that didn’t need any “after-build adjustments.” What do most legal offices use to solve this problem? We hope you already know the answer . . .

Barron Henley of Affinity Consulting Group, LLC answered this question for TechnoLawyer and explained why HotDocs is the clear choice when it comes to simple yet powerful document building:

“[The] problem is that “home-grown” usually equals a nightmare. If you switched to HotDocs for your document assembly, the latest version will work fine with every new version of Word and every new OS from Microsoft. You probably can’t THINK of something from a document assembly perspective that can’t be accomplished with HotDocs. If you want to know what most legal offices are using to build documents, the answer is HotDocs.”*

HotDocs is easy to use, but can handle the automation of virtually any document, no matter how complex. If you’re looking for a document building solution that covers it all, HotDocs is really the only choice.

*This quote is from an article in TL Answers, a free publication in the TechnoLawyer network in which lawyers can obtain help from their peers: http://www.technolawyer.com/tlanswers.asp.