What is HotDocs Developer?

Document Services

HotDocs Developer is the key piece of software that lets you create HotDocs templates from Word, Word Perfect or PDF documents. In a nutshell, Developer allows you to create templates and use those templates to create flawless, customized documents. All of our other products (User, Server, Document Services, etc.) can only deploy templates in different environments (desktop, server, and cloud, respectfully) – they cannot create or edit templates. That means in order to use any of our other products, you need at least one copy of Developer.

HotDocs Developer saves you both time and money by increasing your efficiency and reducing how long it takes to create routine documents. Some of our customers are saving thousands of hours and millions of dollars compared to when they had a different, more cumbersome document creation process. With HotDocs, all it takes is a simple question-and-answer interview or a database connection to create documents in a matter of minutes. No cutting and pasting, no editing or proofreading, no errors in the finished product.

What separates Developer from other document assembly engines? It is versatile, flexible, and powerful. It can conform to any and all of your workflow needs. It really is the king of the document assembly jungle.

To learn more about Developer and how it works, watch our “Intro to HotDocs Document Assembly” webinar.