What’s the difference between HotDocs Developer and HotDocs User?

Document Services

HotDocs Developer allows you to create templates from your existing Word, WordPerfect, or PDF documents AND lets you create finished, customized documents from those templates. HotDocs User, on the other hand, ONLY allows you to generate finished documents—not cannot create or edit templates. So, at your organization, some people may only develop templates, some people may only create documents, and some might do both.

So who at your organization should have a license to Developer and who should have a license to User? The best person to develop your HotDocs templates is generally the content expert(s). The people who will be filling out interviews and creating finished documents could be anyone else—secretaries, paralegals, interns, etc. Because they are unable to edit the templates and no experience is required on the User end, you won’t have to worry about anything getting messed up by someone who doesn’t understand the content of the documents or the template development process. Most organizations will have more (sometimes thousands more) Users than Developers.

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