Why aren’t you using legal document templates?

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Find. Rename. Modify. This is the most common documentation process used by law firms. Not only is this process time-consuming but it leaves room for errors of omission, inclusion, and reliance on human memory.  As your business grows, legal document templates become a must-have for in-house legal firms. Document automation platforms, equipped with legal document template software, offer an alternative to manual processes while improving efficiency and profitability. 

What is a legal document template?

Documentation is often one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks that legal firms face, but leveraging legal document template software can alleviate this issue. Legal document templates are beneficial for critical documents including contracts, SOWs (statement of works), NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), wills, licensing agreements, and franchising agreements. 

Legal document templates will typically be standardized to reflect your firm’s document layouts, fonts, and style elements. Standardizing legal documents and implementing legal document template software into your firm’s workflows can improve document consistency and accuracy. 

What are some common templates your firm can use?

Legal document templates give you a foundation for streamlined processes, reduced errors, and increased productivity. Manual documentation can be a challenge, but there are numerous templates for legal forms that can help improve your firm’s efficiency: 

  • General matters
  • Family matters
  • Real Estate
  • Construction, to name a few

Why does your firm needs legal document templates?

The legal industry is competitive and technology is the only way to drive your business forward. Using legal court document templates streamlines operations and allows all your team to focus on what matters the most, the client. 

Legal document template software also makes it possible to simplify processes and automate repetitive tasks. Regardless of how your firm leverages legal document software, you can benefit from accelerated processes without the extra heavy lifting. 

How can you integrate templates into your firm?

There are many document automation solutions available that include legal document templates, including HotDocs. A comprehensive document automation tool, HotDocs can be easily integrated into your current operations and provides a platform that is customizable to whatever your firm needs. Your team can expect a system that includes version control, access permissions, and security. Documents such as word processing files can easily be utilized to create templates of your own. Images and spreadsheets are easily automated for future ease of use.

2022 legal document automation software buyer's guideSee HotDocs in action to learn how legal firms are leveraging legal document template software to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. To better understand the benefits of HotDocs for your law firm, download your free copy of LegalTech’s Document Management and Assembly Buyers Guide