The Wisdom in WisDocs

Document Services

Let’s face it – we all know that legal documents can be complex and confusing for clients. And when it comes to estate planning, the emotional factor can overcomplicate the already intricate process.

Enter HotDocs Market, the premier resource for legal professionals. The masterminds at HotDocs Market and the State Bar of Wisconsin have joined forces to create WisDocs Estate Planning, a document automation software system where expertly crafted legal forms are readily available to subscribers.

WisDocs simplifies the estate planning portion of the legal landscape by generating documents derived from information the user enters into dynamic questionnaires. Based on that information, the planning documents “know” whether to grow or shrink accordingly. Upon completion of the questionnaire, a Microsoft Word document is produced for further customization and edits.

WisDocs is a powerful, user-friendly, mobile system that operates through HotDocs Market, a cloud-based ecommerce platform. This means that WisDocs Estate Planning templates are right there with you, wherever you are, whether you’re at a client’s office or on the road.

Recently, WisDocs was reviewed by Brent J. Hoeft of Hoeft Law, LLC in Madison, WI who believes that WisDocs Estate Planning has the potential to save attorneys time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency. This review may be found in the InsideTrack newsletter published by the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Together, HotDocs Market and WisDocs have streamlined the estate planning process so you have time for the other important matters.

For more information about WisDocs Estate Planning, including answers to frequently asked questions, or to purchase a subscription to WisDocs Estate Planning, please