LegalTech Review: Just Like HotDocs But Only Better

During a proof-of-concept or product demonstration, a vendor will invariably call out a feature as “just like HotDocs.

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Document Automation Empowers Access to Justice

The justice system is meant to provide citizens with access to legal protection, but issues such as high costs and inefficiencies deny them real assistance. Every day, many in our country face the possibility of losing their family, home or means of making a living due to their inability to afford or obtain legal help....

Legal Technology Expert Shares His List of Features to Consider When Selecting Document Automation Software

Documents are the lifeblood of law practice. The preparation of motions, appeals, forms, agreements, contracts, probate forms, civil litigation filings and thousands of other legal documents exact countless hours of effort on the part of attorneys and legal staff each year. Law teams constantly draft and change matter-specific documents, often starting with a similar document...

The Transformation of Banking: Taking on Fintech with Document Automation

It’s no secret that the financial services market is changing rapidly. No longer do traditional banks hold all the advantages in driving financial services opportunities and availability. New fintech startups and emerging technologies are gaining traction and challenging banks to be more innovative to retain market share and revenue. Consider these key trends disrupting traditional...

Increase ROI by Investing in Real Estate Document and Process Automation

The amount of paper documents still used in today’s real estate world is unacceptable, especially given how many technological advancements our world has taken in the past 30 years. Organizations around the globe are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on paper used for documentation. Now is the time to switch to an effective document...

The Benefits of Document Automation in Supply Chains and Logistics

Supply chains, and the logistics that go along with them, have been a headache in recent years. A global pandemic, bad weather in Texas, and sky-high fuel prices are just a few of the roadblocks that have added to the recent supply chain problem around the globe. Every stalled container ship or driverless trucking fleet...

Automated legal forms can be life-changing for your law firm

If you’ve ever wished a document would just complete itself, legal document automation tools can get you at least part of the way there. 

7 Ways Legal Document Automation Can Boost Your Business

Learn how legal document automation can help your law firm transform case and practice management processes.

Document Automation Fits into a Digital Transformation Strategy

As technology advances, how will you keep your company’s digital transformation strategy ahead of the curve? Staying competitive means staying informed on new technology, and getting your team to efficiently vet the hundreds of tools that drive profitability and productivity is no small feat. As you look to add to your technology roster, document automation...

Automated Document Assembly: Not Just for Law Firms

Document Assembly is software technology that translates the practice of generating legal documentation into a process-driven software application.

Is Document Generation Software Right for My Organization?

Content Generation is a term that has been used to describe the various practices within an organization that result in any type of content, including email, text messages, video files, graphics files, office suite files, etc. Content generation technologies might include anything from mobile devices to office suite applications.

3 Ways Document Automation Takes the Worries out of Industry Compliance & Risk

Document automation software is a tool that can help mitigate compliance risks, streamline document creation, and simplify manual processes.  Popular within such industries as legal, financial, and insurance industries, a document automation system with document compliance capabilities will streamline your organization’s workflows while maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks.  The top document compliance capabilities Many firms...

How Financial Document Automation Saves Your Staff Time

Many banks and accounting firms use financial document automation solutions to improve their document processes and save valuable time.