LegalTech Review: Just Like HotDocs But Only Better

During a proof-of-concept or product demonstration, a vendor will invariably call out a feature as “just like HotDocs.

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7 Ways Legal Document Automation Can Boost Your Business

Learn how legal document automation can help your law firm transform case and practice management processes.

Document Automation Fits into a Digital Transformation Strategy

As technology advances, how will you keep your company’s digital transformation strategy ahead of the curve? Staying competitive means staying informed on new technology, and getting your team to efficiently vet the hundreds of tools that drive profitability and productivity is no small feat. As you look to add to your technology roster, document automation...

Automated Document Assembly: Not Just for Law Firms

Document Assembly is software technology that translates the practice of generating legal documentation into a process-driven software application.

Is Document Generation Software Right for My Organization?

Content Generation is a term that has been used to describe the various practices within an organization that result in any type of content, including email, text messages, video files, graphics files, office suite files, etc. Content generation technologies might include anything from mobile devices to office suite applications.

3 Ways Document Automation Takes the Worries out of Industry Compliance & Risk

Document automation software is a tool that can help mitigate compliance risks, streamline document creation, and simplify manual processes.  Popular within such industries as legal, financial, and insurance industries, a document automation system with document compliance capabilities will streamline your organization’s workflows while maximizing efficiency and minimizing risks.  The top document compliance capabilities Many firms...

How Financial Document Automation Saves Your Staff Time

Many banks and accounting firms use financial document automation solutions to improve their document processes and save valuable time.

Using Document Automation Software to Support Insurance Claims Automation

Use document creation tools to support insurance claims automation and quickly produce documents, reducing the time spent processing claims.

Document Automation and Document Management Go Hand in Hand

To fully manage the document life cycle firms need to adopt two different technologies: document automation and document management.

Document Creation Software: What it is & Why It Matters For Productivity

Document creation (also known as document automation, document generation, or document assembly) software allows you to convert text-based documents (typically, word-processing files) and PDF forms into powerful productivity tools called templates.

Document Assembly Software for Lawyers

The next 25 years will hold some unfortunate surprises for firms that fail to keep up with technology trends. With the help of legal document assembly software, competitors will be doing the same work in a fraction of the time without any errors. They will have 10 error free jobs done while your attorneys are cutting and pasting their way to their next mistake.

What is an Interactive Form?

An interactive form is a data-gathering window containing multiple questions that interactively change based on user input. In other words, a user’s response to one question may cause one or more additional questions to be added to the window.

Document Assembly, Document Automation, and Document Generation: Three Terms that Describe the Same Thing

In the mid 1970s, when a group at the Brigham Young University Law School set out to create a software application that would automate the production of rule-based legal documentation, the group coined the phrase Document Assembly, a term descriptive of the process of using the software application (commonly referred to as a template) to generate a custom document.