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Document Generation Software for Home Builders, Part 2: Generating Documents in the Cloud

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No matter where I turn these days I bump into the “cloud.” It’s everywhere: on TV, in magazines, courtrooms, locker rooms, grocery stores, and so on. Sometimes the cloud feels like an all seeing eye from a Peter Jackson film, only in a non-evil way. What’s interesting is that, in addition to all the other things the cloud is good for, it can also be used for quick, convenient, document generation, a fact that is especially interesting to people in the housing industry—everyone from home builders to sub contractors to home buyers.

If you read “Document Generation Software for Home Builders, Part 1,” which I published a few weeks back, you got my take on how frustrating all the paperwork can be when purchasing a new home. Of course, my point in “Part 1” was that, with HotDocs, the process of filling out paperwork can be automated so that you only have to enter personal information once, and it can then be used to generate any number of legal documents. So here’s my point with this blog post, “Part 2” in the series: HotDocs is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application running in the cloud. What that means is, with home builders who are using HotDocs Document Services for document generation, you can enter all of your personal information necessary for the legal documents using any browser on almost any device, such as your Dell laptop, your Android tablet, and your Apple iPad.

Here’s how HotDocs in the Cloud Works

When you decide to purchase a home, the sales agent could just email you a link to a HotDocs interview. That way, you could answer all the questions, inputting the data into the interview at your convenience—from the comfort of your home, or really from anywhere. And you can log in and out of the interview as many times as you like, without losing any of your answers. After you submit the answers from the HotDocs interview, the sales agent can review them and print the documents. Talk about easy! Everyone gets to avoid the paperwork marathon. What’s more, HotDocs reduces risk for all the stakeholders in a housing transaction by imposing governance on the process and thus ensuring compliance with all the rules and regulations.

Buying a home is stressful enough without an unnecessary paperwork shuffle. HotDocs Document Services running in the cloud makes the document generation process fast, easy, and as stress free as spending a gigantic amount of money on a home could possibly be.