HotDocs HUG 2019

HotDocs users share a group HUG in London

Document Assembly, Document Automation, Document Generation, Document Services

“There’s a temptation in our networked age to think that ideas can be developed by email and iChat. That’s crazy. Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions.”

– Steve Jobs

In a world where many of us spend hours in virtual, screen-facing mode, face-to-face meetings offer a refreshing change of pace. The HotDocs user community proved just that at the sold-out event, HUG 2019 – HotDocs User Group. After a warm welcome from CEO Scott Johnson, attendees had a choice of three training sessions, held concurrently and multiple times throughout the day. This format also offered attendees the opportunity to meet in one-on-one sessions with HotDocs experts. Discussions ranged from complex template development help to migration paths to HotDocs Advance.

“HotDocs Users Group is an incredibly valuable chance for direct access to the folks who make HotDocs go, to get education and give feedback. It really lets you feel heard as a user of the product. The chance to spend time with other users creates a palpable feeling of a fully engaged community.”

– RJ Tolan, Business Analyst at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, LLP

User-Driven Agenda

Technical training tracks addressed a wide variety of topics. Many were requested or suggested by HotDocs users, based on their goals, projects and challenges. Each session was facilitated by a consultant, product trainer or developer.

Here’s an overview of the technical training highlights at HUG.

Table Components: Data Quick Draw

Michael Ellis covered the new table component in HotDocs; enter data into and then draw from it with select variables; fixed and regular table variables.

Tips & Tricks: Supercharged Repeats

Seth Hanisek’s session taught users how to use repeated variables to feed select variables; how to use repeated variables ANYWHERE; and how to build complex list data with scripting.

Do I need an integration?

In this ‘API deep dive’ with Aaron Ramos, real-life HotDocs Advance integration use cases were reviewed. Participants learned to identify the most common features and third-party integrations used by your peers.

Building Efficiencies into Your Development Workflow

Nick Parenteau presented on the different stages of the template development process and proposed commonly missed opportunities for improvement.

“Technical events such HUG, driven by the needs of the end user are essential in ensuring that HotDocs users, such as myself, are aware of best practice. Updates on upcoming features allow me to plan for future changes and enable me to leverage fully all of HotDocs strengths. Meeting other users allowed me to hear how they address problems similar to my own and thus increase the speed with which I can implement a solution.”

– Brian Ward, Senior Software Developer at KPMG Ireland

Planning for the future: the HotDocs product vision

In a highly anticipated and energetic session, Nigel Richards offered a review of HotDocs new features and improvements over the last year and gave the group a preview of new features currently in development.

These ‘beefy’ sessions, along with some free time for informal socializing, networking, and sharing, were a hit with attendees, a number of whom have already suggested we increase the frequency of gatherings!

Are you looking for a fun and inspiring experience that will help grow your organization and career? Meet an amazing group of users, build your HotDocs knowledge, and share your own knowledge with others at the next HUG conference. Stay tuned for more details!

“We were delighted to be invited along to the HotDocs HUG this year, and what another great year it was. Thoroughly enjoyable and very user focused and driven. Such a great opportunity to meet such passionate individuals who truly believe in the product, and gain insight to the planned development to come over the next 12 months. All in all, great conference, great people, great product.”

– Kristina Roberts, Senior Business Systems Manager, Colliers International